Chickanos, BVD and more… … …

We are always on the lookout for new sources of donations.  At the moment it seems that the demand for our service is outstripping supply.  On many occasions  recently we have thought that we might not be able to open our doors because we did not have enough food to give out but thankfully, so far, someone or something has cropped up that allows us to stay open.

Batley Vintage Day was one such example.  The “Bring a tin to get in”  idea worked really well and provided us with much needed supplies and we were able to raise enough cash to do a good shop to buy in particular items (such as long life milk), that we are constantly short of.

Granthams are providing us with bread, so we no longer have to buy that in, thank you to them! Batley Bulldogs fans are bringing in tins and so forth to home games and dropping them in the special bins. And LLoyds Bank have long acted as a drop off centre for donations.

Chickanos are the latest addition.They are directly donating food to us on a regular basis and now have added a bin to their shop so that their customers can make donations.  We thank you very much, Chickanos

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