Batley Food Bank – About

Batley Food Bank is a registered Charity (number 1157520.)  We collect food from the public and redistribute it to families in need, providing enough IMG_0006food for the whole family for three meals a day for one week. We provide Food Bank access to anyone in need from Batley and the surrounding areas. Though in truth anyone in need will be welcomed and no-one in need will be turned away, no matter where they live.

Who are we? We are community volunteers from all walks of life who have come together simply because we see the need.

How does it work? Food is provided via a referral system and the referral forms are held by Social Workers, Benefit Workers, Churches, Doctors, Jobcentres, etc. If you are a resident of Batley and the surrounding areas and you need access to the Food Bank you can get a voucher from the following organisations:… Jobcentres, Sure Start Centres, KNH Housing Offices Batley Drop-in, Kirklees Benefits Advice Service, Homeless Charities,  some schools, doctor’s surgeries or you can ring Kirklees Local Welfare Provision on 01484 414782

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